Martin & Jones Marketing – Shropshire Marketing Consultants

about usAfter years of working for a variety of different organisations, we decided to start up our own marketing consultancy offering a high quality and flexible service in an affordable and integrated package for Shropshire and borders businesses.

We are happy to offer a free consultation where we can chat about how your company can get more out of its marketing. This is a no obligation service to help you generate ideas and identify ways to move your business forward.

Our company ethos

Our passion for marketing and public relations is contagious! Our friendly and approachable style allows us to work collaboratively with you. By listening to your business needs and using the knowledge you have of your business and industry, we hope to inspire you to create and deliver marketing campaigns that will help your business thrive.

Our company values

Two-way communication – we listen and work with you to make your marketing work

Positivity – we ask businesses to look positively at their companies, themselves and the community we all share

Integration – we look at marketing holistically to ensure everything is working together

Ruth Martin – Freelance Marketing Consultant

Ruth has over 12 years of marketing experience working with both small family-run businesses and large, market-leading, national companies, working on a wide range of projects from strategic marketing and campaign planning to traditional marketing techniques and digital platforms. Ruth holds a Diploma in Professional Marketing and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Janet Jones – Public Relations and Training Consultant

Janet started her career as a newspaper journalist before becoming a public relations professional and later a university lecturer in media communications and media law. Her career has covered professional communication in all forms including public relations for national companies. She offers both a wealth of knowledge and expert training skills to our clients.

It’s more than just business to us

“We are both passionate about living in Shropshire and so we want to do everything we can to help businesses in the area and support all the amazing community work that goes on to make Shropshire an interesting and creative place to live.”

Outside of our day jobs, we both help out with a range of charity and community-based projects across the Shropshire and borders area. We are passionate about supporting projects around the area and are committed to dedicating a proportion of our time to local charities and community organisations to give their marketing and public relations a boost.