If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn, to summarise it simply, it is a social media platform that was purpose built for business professionals. It has become a go to platform to do business networking, advertise and apply for jobs, promote your business and the achievements or certifications you have gained. 

If you are a business owner, LinkedIn is an amazing platform for promoting what you do and reaching new potential connections and customers. Here’s 10 ways that you can use LinkedIn for your business growth.

  • Promote your experience

Your LinkedIn profile is somewhere that you can upload an online version of your CV, detailing all of the experience you have had in your career. You can add in qualifications, certifications and voluntary work for people to gain an understanding on your level of expertise. You are also able to ask people for testimonials and recommendations if you have directly worked with them. 

  • Create a business page

By creating a separate business page from your personal profile, it allows you to carry out more ‘sales’ type posts on your business page, and keep your personal profile for networking and showing the knowledge you have within your industry. It is perfectly fine, however, to reshare your business page posts to your personal profile every once in a while. 

  • Connect and network

This is what LinkedIn was built for! Reach out to new people within your industry, your target audience (this could lead to sales – yay!) and even connect with people you have previously worked with that you may have lost touch with. 

  • Use advertising tools

Like all social media platforms, there is the option to use the inbuilt advertising tools to promote certain posts or customised adverts. You can be as selective as you require with the target audience of your adverts, and the analytics allow you to see the results in a very detailed way. 

  • Recruitment tools

Recruiting new staff for your business can be difficult, time consuming and financially consuming too. LinkedIn offers an in-platform recruitment process, allowing you to customise the job requirements and any specific questions you want applicants to answer. 

  • Write articles

A fantastic feature of LinkedIn is that you can add articles as either a personal profile or a business page. An article is great for showing off your knowledge and expertise within a certain area, and it may reach users outside of your connections. 

TOP TIP: Repurpose a blog post into a LinkedIn article.

  • Run polls

LinkedIn’s poll feature allows you to carry out business research in a free and easy way. You can create a poll about absolutely anything, and it doesn’t have to even be business related. Making more fun and light-hearted content is a great way of showing some personality on your feed. Just because LinkedIn is for business, it doesn’t have to be boring!

  • Promote events

Are you planning an event for your business? Promote it on LinkedIn! You can either invite specific people to your event, or leave it as an open invitation for anyone to attend. You are also able to use paid advertising to get your event to reach even more people. 

  • Join groups

Similarly to Facebook, LinkedIn has the ability to join groups which can help you reach more people that you aren’t already connected with. There are many different categories for groups, for example; localised business groups and groups within a specific industry. 

Are you struggling to find the time to manage your own LinkedIn profile? Whether it’s your personal profile or a business page, we can help you with the continuous management and growth. 

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